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Nano Launcher

Intuitive smartphone launcher that works well and is not going to take up lots of space.

Nano Launcher Overview

An Android-based phone needs to run fast if it’s going to be useful. Fortunately, it will be easier for a phone to work quickly and effectively when the Nano Launcher is used to customize the phone.


The Nano Launcher is a new launcher that is designed to meet the needs of any user. It works without being far too complicated or otherwise difficult to handle. It is especially easy to customize this as it can work with many apps and design features while keeping from using more battery power than necessary for it to work out right. With Nano Launcher you can customize the appearance of your phone without much hassle.

Nano Launcher Features

The Nano Launcher is a launcher application that works to improve the functionality of a typical phone. It uses three separate interface features.

It uses a homepage that will display the most important applications on the phone. This is designed to be easy to run without taking much time to load up when compared with a standard Android-based launcher. It can also be customized to one’s liking.

The most used page is the second part of the Nano Launcher that can work for users. The Nano Launcher uses a setup where the most commonly used apps on the phone on this screen.

A plug-in page is also used. This third part shows information on different apps that can be used in real time for a variety of functions. This in turn ensures that the data being handled on the app will not be too complicated or otherwise rough to handle.


  • The phone is very easy to use and can sort out apps rather quickly.
  • The user has the last say as to what can be displayed on the Nano Launcher. The customization features on the app help with the intention of creating a good look that is easy to follow and is not too complicated.
  • This even uses a smart reminder that will inform the user of when the phone is being used excessively. This helps to get the user to handle the phone in a smart and controlled manner.
  • There are a few free wallpaper and icon features on the app to make it easier to customize.
  • It uses an extremely minimal amount of battery power and memory for this to work. This in turn makes it easier for the phone to start working without being too hard to follow or use.


  • There can be some times when notifications may not respond properly.
  • Sometimes it is tough to work with third party icons and other features, but this is again a point that will vary based on each individual app that is to be used.

Those who are looking for a launcher on a smartphone that works well and isn’t going to take up lots of space can use the Nano Launcher. This is a particularly popular model that is easy to follow and can work well for those who want to get the most out of their phones.


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